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The Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley - 1958

The Kingston Trio adopted their name from the calypso sound that was popular in 1956 and 1957 -- specifically from "Jamaica Farewell" that had been popularized by Harry Belafonte. The founding membes of the group were Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and Dave Guard. In 1958, the Trio hit it big with "Tom Dooley" -- a recording that seemed out of place in the rising tide of rock and roll. The Kingston Trio focused their attention on the college campuses where the "coffee house" feel of their music found a receptive audience. The song is based on a folk song about Tom Dula who was hanged for the murder of Laura Foster in 1866 in North Carolina. Much controversy surrounded the murder as there was an "eternal triangle" with Annie Melton being the third party and another suspect. The Sheriff, Tom Grayson, might also be considered as he was rumored to be jealous of Tom. Although "Tom Dooley" definitely had a "folk" basis, with its beginning narrative and banjo strumming, by the middle of the song it breaks out in a plaintive cry that is very much at home in rock and roll. It became the first folk music hit of the Elvis Era. It was originally just a cut on the trio's first album, but when it started getting extended play time from DJ's in Salt Lake City, it spread around the country and Capitol then released it as a single. "Tom Dooley" became The Kingston Trio's first and only number one hit on November 17, 1958.

The Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley - 1958

He also noted that they "so changed the course of popular music that their impact is largely felt to this day. Its safe to say that there is a sense of pride when the modern trio takes the stage, and more so a sense of responsibility. [21] Werber built upon this initial success, booking a national club tour in early 1958 for the Trio that included engagements at such prominent night spots as Mister Kelly's in Chicago, the Village Vanguard in New York, Storyville in Boston, and finally a return to San Francisco and its showcase nightclub, the hungry i, in June of that year. [53] Stewart commenced a long and distinguished career as a singer-songwriter, composing hit songs like "Daydream Believer" for The Monkees and "Runaway Train" for Rosanne Cash. [62] Guard implicitly disparaged Shane's current group, and Shane asserted a distaste for performing again with Guard,[62] who had spent the intervening decades living and performing in Australia, touring sporadically as a soloist, and writing about and teaching music. Try our Advanced Search for more refined results. 22. [2][3] In the documentary Appalachian Journey (1991), folklorist Alan Lomax describes Frank Proffitt as the "original source" for the song, which was misleading in that he did not write it. Colburn began playing "Tom Dooley" extensively on his show, prompting a rush of album sales in the Salt Lake area by fans who wanted to listen to the song, as yet unavailable as a single record. The conduct of Defendants (and others), which is entirely inconsistent with the collaborative and positive spirit of the sixty-year history of The Kingston Trio, must be dealt with now, before it is too late, and the value of the Kingston Trio name is diluted beyond repair.. Scott Kingston, Andre Temidis and Michael Lee are suing IBM in a New York state court. However, if a spouse is coerced or underage in a plural marriage in Utah, it becomes a felony. In Charlie Says Trial, A Jury Says $1.9M, The Definitive Voice of Entertainment News. Shane and Reynolds performed at fraternity parties and luaus for a time, and eventually Shane introduced Reynolds to Guard. Episode 10 of Santo, Sam and Ed's Total Football Podcast is titled "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dula". The Kingston Trio - Ten songs for you. Tourism is sucking Utah dry. In an obituary for Nick Reynolds (d. October 1, 2008), Spencer Leigh wrote in Britain's Independent on Sunday: Looking at their repertoire now, it is apparent that the Kingston Trio was far more adventurous than is generally supposed. The Shane-Gambill-Grove Kingston Trio existed from 1976 through 1985, when Gambill died unexpectedly from a heart attack on March 2 at the age of 42. None of the three at that time had any serious aspirations to enter professional show business, however,[12] and Shane returned to Hawaii following his graduation in late 1956 to work in the family sporting goods business. [49], Werber secured a generous signing bonus from Decca Records, and the last four albums of the Kingston Trio's first decade were released by that label. ', "A Bond of Song: Two men, one from New York and the other from the mountains of North Carolina, formed an enduring friendship that brought the ballad of Tom Dooley out of the hollers and onto mainstream radio", -songs-as-radio-drama.html, "Tom Dooley: The Ballad That Started The Folk Boom", "Grammy Hall of Fame Award: Past Recipients", "The Kingston Trio Chart History (Hot 100)", "Billboard Hot 100 60th Anniversary Interactive Chart", =Tom_Dooley_(song)&oldid=1133502697, This page was last edited on 14 January 2023, at 03:23. [52], Following the hungry i engagement, Reynolds moved to Port Orford, Oregon and pursued interests in ranching, business, and race cars for the next twenty years. [81] Both Proffitt and fellow North Carolina musician Doc Watson sang the older version of the tune, which had "a lively mocking tempo that retained some of the ghastliness and moral squalor of an actual murder",[82] according to folk historian Robert Cantwell, who also notes that the Kingston Trio's version of the song omitted several verses from the traditional lyric. A view of Salt Lake City. The Kingston polygamist family has responded after a lawsuit was filed against them, accusing the group and its leaders of sexual abuse, fraud, child labor, and more. "[46] Six of the group's next seven albums between 1961 and 1963 continued to place in Billboard's Top Ten and several of the group's most successful singles, including "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" Shane died Sunday at a hospice in Phoenix, Arizona at age 85. A local poet named Thomas Land wrote a song about the tragedy, titled "Tom Dooley", shortly after Dula was hanged. Preview of Spotify. The Kingston Trio is making a stop on Saturday night in Bozeman and rounding off the tour in Billings. On the gallows, Dula reportedly stated, "Gentlemen, do you see this hand? [78] Following the Trio's performance at the premier Newport Folk Festival in 1959, folk music critic Mark Morris wrote: "What connection these frenetic tinselly showmen have with a folk festival eludes me except that it is mainly folk songs that they choose to vulgarize. The Kingston Trio took their version from Frank Warner's singing. Ironically, the Trio never thought it would be a hit song; it was just a "neat ballad" to them, something to help fill out their first Capitol LP, "The Kingston Trio" (T996), released in February of 1958. Then they came out with 'This time tomorrow, reckon where I'll be/If it hadn't a' been for Grayson/I'd a been in Tennessee.' [69], On August 11, 2017, the case against Grove, Zorn, and Dougherty was dismissed with prejudice in the same Los Angeles court and consequently cannot be re-filed.[70]. Confederate veteran Tom Dula, Foster's lover and the father of her unborn child, was convicted of her murder and hanged May 1, 1868. The Kingston Group declined to confirm its membership numbers. Please see our Privacy Policy. Shane wrote on what was then the group's official website that: I am pleased to announce the Kingston Trio legacy will be carried forth by Josh Reynolds, Mike Marvin and Tim Gorelangton, who will begin performing as the Kingston Trio in October 2017. [7] Dula's enigmatic statement on the gallows that he had not harmed Foster but still deserved his punishment led to press speculation that Melton was the actual killer and that Dula simply covered for her. To help Utah achieve statehood, leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints issued a manifesto ending polygamy as a practice in 1890. By the time these younger folk singers arrived on the scene, the political climate had changed enough to provide a wide audience for protest music. ", "The Kingston Trio, Part Two: John Stewart, The "X" Factor, and the 80's", "The Kingston Trio's Trademark Sparks Legal Battle of the Bands", "Commercialism, Counterculture, and the Folk Music Revival: A Study of, "Nick Reynolds: Musician Whose Work Paved The Way For Bob Dylan", "Nick Reynolds: Founding member and guitarist for the Kingston Trio", "The Grass Is Blue For Banjo-Playin' Fool Steve Martin", "Eagle Timothy B. Schmit treats locals as guests to Tulsa concert", "The Folk Roots Of San Francisco Psychedelic Music", "A Life-long Love Affair With The Humble Banjo", "They Say It's Your Birthday: Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane)", "Richie Furay Returns To Re-Claim His Fame With, "DAVID GRISMAN: Acousticity And Other Dawg Dreams", "How Manhattan Transfer's 'Vocalese' went from 'crazy' to Grammy", "The Kingston Trio 00-21 Commemorative Guitar", "That Old Feeling: Get Along Little Folkie", "Grammy Hall of Fame Award: Past Recipients", "The Recording Academy Announces Special Merit Award Honorees", "Vocal Group Hall of Fame Award: Past Recipients 2000", The Kingston Trio Place Comprehensive fan site including archived resources. "[61] The different configurations of the Trio took turns performing sets of the group's best-known songs with all the artists joining onstage for a finale. In 1866, Laura Foster was murdered. Vanguard Academys leaders sued state charter school officials in response, and a judge issued a restraining order that kept the targeted governing board members in their positions. The Hollywood Reporter is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Click here to contact Ryan. I went out and bawled on the ridge. Filed July 6, the lawsuit alleges IBM violated New York labor and human-rights laws by retaliating against. The Kingston Trio continues to tour as of 2023 with musicians who licensed the name and trademark in 2017. [citation needed] The confusion was compounded by the fact that Dr. Tom Dooley, an American physician known for international humanitarian work, was at the height of his fame in 1958 when the Kingston Trio version became a major hit. We never called ourselves folksingers We did folk-oriented material, but we did it amid all kinds of other stuff. When heart disease forced Bob Shane's retirement from touring in March 2004, he was replaced by former New Kingston Trio member Bill Zorn. Already a subscriber? In July 2018, Marvin and Reynolds sued three other musicians who'd been playing as the Kingston. Personally, I liked the Kingston Trio. This naming was in reference to a sample of the song generated by Santo Cilauro whereby he jokingly claimed Tiziano Crudeli had performed a version of Tom Dooley with "The Kingstown Trio". Sign up free. The Kingston Trio have a central place in the folk music revival of the late 50s and early 60s, when, for a couple of years, they were arguably the most popular vocal group in the world. "[90], In February 1982, Chicago Tribune writer Eric Zorn praised the Kingston Trio's impact on the popular music industry, claiming that "for almost five years, they overshadowed all other pop groups in America." THE KINGSTON TRIO - The Last Month Of The Year - Full Album. A lawsuit has been filed against the Kingston polygamist family by ten former members who allege the group and its leaders engage in sexual and physical abuse, commit fraud, and profit from unpaid . After graduating from high school in 1952, Guard enrolled at Stanford University while Shane matriculated at nearby Menlo College. At the same time, the group was developing a varied and eclectic repertoire of calypso, folk, and foreign language songs, suggested by all three of the musicians though usually arranged by Guard[12] with some harmonies created by Reynolds.[18]. The plaintiffs complaint added those practices facilitated so-called attempts by the Kingston Group to bleed the beast a term used in polygamous communities to describe how they can benefit by defrauding the government and its taxpayers. ", Glada Barn's version of Land's song closes Rectify season 2 episode "Mazel Tov".[22]. [47], Beginning in 1964, however, the Kingston Trio's dominance in record sales and concert bookings began to wane, due partly to imitators in the pop-folk world and also to the rise of other commercial folk groups like Peter, Paul and Mary whose music had a decidedly more political bent than the Trio's. 1965. The group came to national prominence in 1958 during the folk music revival of the 1950s and 1960s. They were spotted by Dave Brubeck's . They got me interested in it! This was the beginning of a remarkable three-year run for the Trio in which its first five studio albums achieved number 1 chart status and were awarded gold records. The allegations facing the Kingston Group come after the state of Utah effectively decriminalized polygamy between consenting adults in 2020, making plural marriage an infraction similar in gravity to a speeding ticket. The Kingston Trio's version of "Tom Dooley" focused more on moody Appalachian atmospherics than on the graphic details of the love quadrangle found in the original, but that trade-off, combined. [5], In 1961, the Trio was described as "the most envied, the most imitated, and the most successful singing group, folk or otherwise, in all show business" and "the undisputed kings of the folksinging rage by every yardstick". I didn't harm a hair on the girl's head. Four of the group's LPs charted among the 10 top-selling albums for five weeks in November and December 1959,[3] a record unmatched for more than 50 years,[4] and the group still ranks in the all-time lists of many of Billboard's cumulative charts, including those for most weeks with a number 1 album, most total weeks charting an album, most number 1 albums, most consecutive number 1 albums, and most top ten albums. Even some staunch traditionalists from both the urban and rural folk music communities had an affinity for the Kingstons' polished commercial versions of older songs. Dave Guard's name is on the copyright, but the complex story of the song's origin is related at: Last edited on 28 February 2023, at 01:55, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Grammy Award for Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording, 1960 Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording, "What's That Sound? Consequently, in October 2017, Grove, Zorn, and Dougherty were replaced as the Trio by new licensees Reynolds and Marvin and their friend, Tim Gorelangton. 05/1964. [9] Reynolds was also able to create and sing tenor harmonies, a skill derived in part from family singalongs,[10] and could play both guitar and bongo and conga drums. Share. When was the last kingston trio concert? That really was the breakthrough song and it's a murder ballad. Bob Haworth, a veteran folk performer who had worked as a member of The Brothers Four for many years, initially replaced Gambill from 1985 through 1988 and again from 1999 through 2005. "Tom Dooley" would go on to sell millions of singles as well as push huge sales of their album. This is especially true of the mother, who has the legal right to establish paternity or not to establish paternity at the time of filing, the Kingston Group said in a statement. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Find similar music that you'll enjoy, only at When Werber persuaded the club's owner to give the untested Trio a chance, Guard sent out five hundred postcards to everyone that the three musicians knew in the Bay Area[19] and Werber plastered the city with handbills announcing the engagement. 123 US [Capitol 5166] written by John Stewart. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Folk Reunion with the Kingston Trio 3.0 and John Sebastian at Civic Arts Plaza, 2100 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, 2 p.m. Nov. 12. The board is named in a lawsuit seeking to overturn rent guidelines in the city. Your IP: The group argued that its values exact self-sufficiency and that per capita its members save or contribute more to their community than the average citizen does. kingston trio is most often considered to be Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Country, Folk Rock, and American Folk Revival. Instead of being listed on her birth certificate, Grant says the document listed a fictitious father called Kyle Grant. Subscribe for full access to The Hollywood Reporter. The history of the original Kingston Trio and its subsequent permutations has been well chronicled. It was a phenomenon, as influential in its time as The Beatles would become in theirs. Nine of the plaintiffs claim the Kingston Group made them begin working during their elementary or preschool days through their late teenage years. The plaintiffs attorney, Roger Hoole, declined to elaborate beyond his clients lawsuit or respond to requests for interviews with former group members. Some variant lyrics of the song portray Grayson in that light, and the spoken introduction to the Kingston Trio version[6] did the same. Kingston Trio : US folk group formed in 1957. Quotidiano Nazionale. The liner notes for the group's first album featured a quotation from Dave Guard asserting that "We don't really consider ourselves folksingers in the accepted sense of the word"[85] Guard later told journalist Richard Hadlock in Down Beat magazine: "We are not students of folk music; the basic thing for us is honest and worthwhile songs that people can pick up and become involved in. [citation needed]. "[129], Library of Congress National Registry of Historically Significant Recordings, All rankings are from "American Album Chart Records 19552001"[5], The non-orchestrated acoustic sound of this hit record, which has been recognized as a seminal recording in the history of American popular music by the, The second troupe of the Kingston Trio with, Hiatus and the New Kingston Trio, 19671976, Trademark and roster changes, 2017 to the present. [83] The slower, harmonized Trio version of the Dooley song and other traditional numbers struck Proffitt as a betrayal of "the strange mysterious workings which has made Tom Dooly [sic] live"[84] In 2006, folk traditionalist and influential banjo master Billy Faier remarked: "I hear and see very little respect for the folk genre" in their music and described the Trio's repertoire as "a mishmash of twisted arrangements that not only obscure the true beauty of the folk songs from which they derive, but give them a meaning they never had. In early August 2017, sole Kingston Trio owner Bob Shane announced the licensing of his trademark to the Josh Reynolds/Mike Marvin group of investors. They introduced "It Was A Very Good Year" in 1961, later a standard for Frank Sinatra, and they were one of the first to spot the potential of English language versions of Jacques Brel's songs by recording "Seasons in the Sun" in 1963. by Pete Seeger, formerly with the Weavers. The group also said that its business owners are strongly encouraged to follow all applicable laws when hiring, employing and compensating their employees. Frank Werber, a talent agent who had an office above the venue, saw this as a perfect opportunity for the new act he had just signed to get some much needed stage experience. At the same time, Werber was attempting to leverage the Trio's popularity as a club act into a recording contract. Members are encouraged to prayerfully seek guidance from their parents or through personal inspiration, but ultimately, the decision must be their own, the group said in its response to the lawsuit. Sixty years after "Tom Dooley" shot to the top of the charts, the Trio performs bringing back all the great memories and making new ones with concert performances in 2023. This song was rec


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