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Miles Phillips
Miles Phillips

Korg Pa Manager V2.1 14: A Must-Have Software for KORG PA Users

If you are a registered user and for whatever reason you cannot find, have lost or have not received your Activation Code within a reasonable amount of time (24 hours max), please send an e-mail to:

Korg Pa Manager V2.1 14

Your Existing Activation Code can be Transferred to your New PC for Free, up to 3 Times.Download & Install KORG PA Manager on your new PC. Open it & click on REGISTER. Copy the MachineID and email it to: (Note: A license cannot be sold or transferred to another person. If we suspect such activity, you will be asked for proof that the PC belongs to you.) If you have run out of FREE codes, then you will need to purchase another pack of 3x Transfers for a fee of 25 GBP.

Although KORG PA Manager has been thoroughly tested to make it as error free as possible, if you encounter any problems, then please let us know by e-mailing the problem in detail to: or use the Forum to post a New Thread.Please include as much information as possible about the problem, such as: When it happened, what actions did you take before the problem occurred, and the error location.


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