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Buy Diamond Resort Points

Buy or sell Diamond Resorts timeshare resales: With Diamond Resorts International points, owners have access to over 160 Diamond Resorts across the globe - Many of which have earned the RCI Gold Crown or Interval International Premier rating. Exchanging Diamond Resorts timeshares through The Club is designed to be simple and convenient. Diamond owners can book an entire week, just a weekend, or a partial-week stay! Buy Diamond timeshare points at low 'for-sale-by-owner' pricing, rent a week, or sell Diamond points with!

buy diamond resort points

Throughout the years, Diamond Resorts International has created a variety of ownership programs. With each program, Diamond has sought to create a better ownership package than before. Over time, Diamond has evolved into one of the most popular timeshare programs in the industry. When you buy Diamond Resort points, you can choose when and where you travel. With dozens of Diamond Resorts locations to choose from, your travel possibilities are endless.

In August of 2021, Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC or HGV) completed its purchase of Diamond Resorts International. In doing so, HGVC more than doubled its number of members and substantially increased the number of vacation ownership resorts that it has available, from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and beyond.

As a way to ease the transition for its current members, HGVC has enacted a 60% increase in member ClubPoints starting in February of 2022 for its existing members. This point increase makes the Hilton Grand Vacations Points Chart look more appealing for those members, but one must keep in mind that simply increasing points will not solve the impending issues.

However, if HGVC members are also pushed into the new HGVC Max product, it will be a downgrade for them. This is because Hilton club resorts are generally higher quality, whether you look in Hawaii, Florida, or Nevada, than the Diamond resorts that will now be part of the portfolio of resorts.

Also, HGVC has a plan to migrate the top Diamond resorts over to the Hilton brand. Why is that important? Because in order to access those resorts, Diamond members will now have to upgrade to HGVC Max or buy an HGVC membership. Either of those options will increase their maintenance fees and cost thousands on top of that.

Earlier this month Hilton Grand Vacations sent owners an email detailing an adjustment regarding the points allocated to all HGV vacation ownerships, as well as the number of points needed to make a reservation.

On February 24th, 2022, all points values will be increased by 60%. This means 1 Club Point will be increased to 1.6 points for both the number of points you own, and the number of ClubPoints it takes to book a reservation. This change will not change your ability to make reservations as both the number of points allocated to your ownership and the number of points needed to book are being equally scaled to 160% of their original value.

Example: If your current ownership is currently allocated 7,200 ClubPoints annually, starting February 24th, 2022, your new point allocation will be 11,520 annually. Likewise, the number of points it will take to book your same unit size, in your deeded season at your deeded resort will also be adjusted to 11,520.

Hilton Honors points conversions will also be adjusted to ensure that you are able to receive the same number of Hilton Honors points per ClubPoint. Also, the dollar amount per Points converted for ClubPartner Perks will also be adjusted proportionally.

This is quite a complementary pairing, given that Hilton Grand Vacation has 62 properties along with 325,000 owners and Diamond Resorts boasts 92 resorts and close to 400,000 owners. Combining these two companies will make them the top vacation company in the industry. This deal is anticipated to generate $125 million in run-rate synergies within 24 months after closing.

There are more than 300 resorts included in the Diamond Resort System, you can view a list of all of them here: List of all Diamond ResortsThey are split up into Diamond "owned/managed" resorts, and resorts that are just affiliated with the Diamond system (for example you can reserve them with your DRI ownership). We believe there are roughly 70ish DRI managed resorts that you can view here: Ratings and Reviews of Diamond Resorts International Timeshares

There are 3 types of DRI ownerships Diamond Resorts 'THE CLUB' ownership A points based membership where you can reserve nights and weeks at any of the Diamond owned Timeshare resorts and also many of the Affiliated resorts within the system. To be a club member you must have purchased your ownership directly from Diamond Resorts or obtained from a family transfer of an original ownership. It also has been reported to be possible to "convert" or upgrade resale points by purchasing additional points at full price from Diamond Resorts and having your resale points brought into "The Club" membership. Essentially "The Club" is a membership that allows you to participate within DRI's internal exchange system. Own "Trust" Points in one of the Diamond Resorts Collections. All owners in the "trust" are allowed to use their trust points to reserve time at any of the resorts within the resort collection of the trust which they own. But not at any other Diamond resorts.There are many different resort collections which have a "trust" and they are listed here: . Diamond Resorts U.S. Collection. Diamond Resorts Hawaii Collection. Diamond Resorts California Collection. Premiere Vacation Collection. Monarch Grand Collection. Diamond Resorts European Collection. Diamond Resorts Latin America Collection. Diamond Resorts Mediterranean Collection. Embarc Deeded Week Ownership This would be an original deeded ownership at one of the Diamond Managed or owned resorts. *note there are no points available for these ownerships

Access to Ratings & Reviews of more than 5000 Timeshare resorts all over the world! All reviews are submitted by Timeshare owners who have traveled to these resorts and provide an accurate account of the property, room, local attractions and more!

Whether you are looking to become a Member at Diamond International Resorts or just looking to top up you current points, Travel & Leisure Group can assist you every step of the way buying Diamond Resorts Points.

Members can enjoy the array of incredible resorts and activities across Europe from skiing in the Alps to soaking up the sun in the Algarve. The simple and flexible point based system allows you to control where and when to take your next holiday.

If you are thinking "I would like to buy a timeshare in Diamond Resort Points, Points and Holiday Club" then you can view our available weeks for sale and read the resort information below - or you are maybe asking the question "how can I sell my Diamond Resort Points, Points and Holiday Club timeshare?". We will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding this resort and assist you with your decision.

THE Club at Diamond Resorts International is a flexible, points-based exchange programme that provides members with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of breathtaking destinations and much more than traditional holiday ownership. Through resort affiliations and external exchange partnerships, membership in THE Club provides the opportunity to holiday throughout the world as well as offers members additional exchange opportunities to utilize their points including traditional travel services, preferred product discounts, airline mileage participation programmes and more.Imagine taking to the slopes of the Sierras, Rockies or even the Alps... or whisking away to a tropical Hawaiian or Caribbean retreat. Members of THE Club can also plan a fun-filled adventure in exciting locations along the Mediterranean, in Orlando or Las Vegas and more. THE Club allows members to experience it all from cultural excursions in historic Williamsburg to the castles of English countrymen and everything in between - with THE Club at Diamond Resorts International - it's simple... and it's all waiting for you.***Please be aware these points can only be purchased by another Diamond Points owner and all sale/purchase transactions would be conducted between the vendor and purchaser as a private resale***

Signature Experiences: Join Club Solo for even more fun experiences or take part in the number of events offered at your Diamond resort each year. From concerts, live shows, and dining; Diamond is well known for offering exciting entertainment.

Interval International Compatibility: Diamond Resorts is an affiliate brand of Interval International. This means Diamond owners can join Interval International and gain access to even more resorts. Using vacation exchange is one of the best benefits of buying a timeshare.

As the basic Diamond Resorts package, the Standard membership is typically for newcomers to the timeshares industry or people who travel less. As a Standard member, your member benefits processing fee is $45, the cruise points redemption fee is $100, your reservation protection plan is $105, and your call center connection is Call 1.877.DRI.CLUB.

Diamond Resorts Silver members have two upgrades per year for just $99 each. Meaning you can upgrade your reservation at a Diamond branded and/or Diamond managed resort by one unit type at the time of your booking.

When you redeem your member benefits, you will receive a nearly 30% in points values. Also, whenever you are staying at a Diamond-managed resort, you will also have access to free wifi, free weekday paper, and upgraded bathroom amenities.

Unlike any previous memberships, as a Platinum member, you have unlimited upgrades at any Diamond branded or Diamond-managed resort available each year at no additional charge. With this membership, you will ultimately have the most savings. 041b061a72


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