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4. The Doctor's Wife

`Isabel Gilbert was not a woman of the world. She had read novels while other people perused the Sunday papers...she believed in a phantasmal world created out of the pages of poets and romancers.' The Doctor's Wife is Mary Elizabeth Braddon's rewriting of Flaubert's Madame Bovary in which she explores her heroine's sense of entrapment and alienation in middle-class provincial life married to a good natured but bovine husband who seems incapable of understanding his wife's imaginative life and feelings. A woman with a secret, adultery, death and the spectacle of female recrimination and suffering are the elements which combine to make The Doctor's Wife a classic women's sensation novel. Yet, The Doctor's Wife is also a self-consciously literary novel, in which Braddon attempts to transcend the sensation genre. This is the only edition of a fascinating and engrossing work, and reproduces uncut the first three-volume edition of 1864. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

4. The Doctor's Wife

Note though that RTD wrote the Doctor as incapable or unwilling of returning Rose's love in a meaningful way, or even expressing it to her (hence it was necessary for her to find happiness with the human Doctor of Doomsday instead). It was Moffat (writer of The Curse of the Fatal Death) who insisted that the Doctor dances (but who with?), had him fall in love with Madame de Pompadour and introduced his (other) wife before he even took over the show (though presumably with RTD's blessing), reacting against those elements of fandom who saw the Doctor's asexuality as sancrosanct (or even important).

Dr. Bach and his wife, though certainly and justifiably terrified by this diagnosis, will never have the faintest clue what the rest of us contend with when thrust into what passes for medical care in this country.

Even though MacNeill was finally free, prosecutor Chad Grunander was preparing to put him back behind bars. After less than two months of freedom, MacNeill went back into custody at a Utah county jail on a $1 million cash bond, facing murder charges in the death of his wife.

He said he wrote the prescriptions because MacNeill had asked, he was a physician and said that he would be taking care of his wife. Thompson said he would not have prescribed the medication if MacNeill had not been a doctor and that it was never his intention, when he prescribed these medications, that she take all of them together.

Daniel called 911 to report that his wife had been murdered, and he didn't know where his children were.As police investigators combed the house for clues, officers tracked down the Tipton children at school, where they had never been picked up.

Two days after Daniel Wade Moore was arrested, he made a shocking admission to his uncle Sparky Moore, a local contractor. "He said 'You know the Tipton murder? The doctor's wife that was murdered on Chapel Hill Road?' And I said 'Yeah.' And he says 'Well, I was there.' He said 'Me and two other guys broke into a home, nobody was supposed to be there and the guy that was with me had stabbed her and killed her.'"

"Nobody that knew me would consider me capable of doing such a crime. Am I capable of killing somebody? Yup. Am I capable of killing a loved one? No. Am I capable of torturing my wife to death? That's crazy," says David Tipton. "It's easier for people to think of me being a killer than it is for Daniel Moore to be a killer. It scares people to think that some stranger off the street could show up in your house and the next minute you're in a torture chamber. But in the end you really kind of need to look at the evidence."

"In what way?" asks Moriarty. "I'm the man that killed his wife. I'm the multiple affairs. I'm the, you know, wild, crazy, sex-party, sex-swap, wife-swapper, king of the sex-swapping club. All of these things have been said about me," says Tipton.

In the ever-expanding mythos of a show like Who it can often feel impossible to make a significant impact with just one episode: but this episode proves the impact just one instalment will have. Series 6, for all its faults, will always contain the episode in which the Doctor and the TARDIS talked. An absolutely beautiful exploration of what is the central relationship of the entire programme (not that we knew it). The title of the episode goes some way to contextualise this, though I would argue that the significance of the TARDIS to the Doctor goes beyond that of just a wife.

James Kauffman's drug operation continued for five years after his wife's murder, officials said. Every person involved in the enterprise was either a Pagan, former Pagan or an associate of a Pagan, according to investigators.

Nothing in Stan Andino's unremarkable life could prepare him for the day he discovers his wife in the living room, naked except for a black apron, bleaching out a stain in the carpet that only she can see. A CT scan one week later explains the seemingly inexplicable; Carmen Andino has a brain tumour. As Stan and their teenage sons grapple with the diagnosis and frightening personality changes in their wife and mother, Austin Lamb, close friend and local doctor, does everything possible to assist the family in crisis. Months later, just when it feels as though life couldn't possibly get any worse for the Andinos, the body of Austin Lamb's wife Tibbie is discovered at the bottom of the Browns Bay cliffs. The Doctor's Wife is an enthralling page-turner that sees award-winning author Fiona Sussman return to a genre of which she is master - crime fiction.

"Remember, that he who ruleth his spirit is greater than he that taketh a city," said his wife. She was a Christian Scientist. Her Bible, her copy of Science and Health and her Quarterly were on a table beside her bed in the darkened room.

His wife was silent. The doctor wiped his gun carefully with a rag. He pushed the shells back in against the spring of the magazine. He sat with the gun on his knees. He was very fond of it. Then he heard his wife's voice from the darkened room.

A U.S. Army major doctor and their physician wife were arrested for an alleged criminal plot to give Russia confidential medical information about people connected to the American military and government.

Clarification: This article was updated several times after it was first published Thursday to change pronouns and other words related to Army Maj. Jamie Lee Henry, who in 2015 was reported to be the first known active-duty Army officer to come out as transgender. At the time, Henry identified as a transgender woman. However, the indictment against Henry unsealed Thursday refers to Henry using male pronouns, such as "he." A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Baltimore told CNBC that the indictment was written that way because more recently Henry has used male pronouns and Henry's wife had also used male pronouns to refer to Henry. During a court appearance Thursday, Henry also used male pronouns. When asked by CNBC what pronouns Henry currently prefers to use, Henry's defense attorney declined to say. 041b061a72


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